The future as we see it

In our view, building a responsible and accessible artificial general intelligence system demands a distributed approach similar to real life.
Humans neither think nor work alone. Instead, they thrive in societal structures, collaborating, coordinating, and competing to find solutions. In the same vein, we see a society of autonomous agents sensing and reacting to their environments, cooperating with humans and each other to solve problems.

Why we go to work every day

We are building the next-generation digital platform to power the future we glimpse. We aim to democratize artificial intelligence and power the Metaverse with a cognitive engine. Over the past few years, we worked on researching, developing, and engineering complex systems that can scale. We mainly focus on building machines that can understand our world through representation, simulation, and prediction of events.


Humans and machines collaborating to solve the world’s biggest challenges.


Develop technology that powers the intelligent entities of tomorrow.


Enable people and organizations to transcend their cognitive limitations.

This is us

Titan Virtual is a technology company based in Washington DC and California, USA. It was founded in 2017 by the three Tricha brothers as a Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence venture.  Before joining together, all the brothers worked in deep technology companies.


AI research and technology


infrastructure and services

Get in touch

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Titan API demo,

You have access to a cognitive agent with a pre-configured session timeout of 60 minutes. If you wish to continue testing after your session expires, you need to reload your web browser tab to access a new agent.

After your session expires or your browser is reset, we will automatically discard your previously loaded content.

Getting started with the Titan API Demo

Your agent does not have any information and does not know anything.

You can teach your agent by adding content (in the form of text) to its knowledge base.

Your agent will learn your content in real-time.

You can ask your agent questions regarding the content you provided.

  • If the answer is in the agent knowledge base, the agent will answer your question.
  • If the answer is not in the agent knowledge base, the agent will respond “I don’t know.”

The agent will continuously learn and answer more questions as you add content.

More Content –> Deeper Inference.


  • PoS:

Part-Of-Speech (PoS) tagger labels words as one of several categories to identify the word’s function in a given language.

  • Actions:

Titan Action System produces a table to identify the intents and actions in a given language.

  • Facts:

Titan Fact System produces a table to identify factual information in a given language.

  • Relations:

Titan graph Engine automatically constructs semantic representations from textual data sources.

  • Search:

Titan Cognitive Search Engine provides answers to inquiries about upload text. The questions should be in the form of: Who, What, When Where, and Why?

  • Instruct:

Titan Instruction System allows you to setup rules to govern and manage your Agent’s actions.

  • Insight:

Titan Insight System produces a report to identify knowledge either directly the provided text or inferred a combination of different content sources.