We research and develop
cognitive systems

We offer cognitive agents that can learn, reason, and act on structured and unstructured information.

About Titan cognitive agents

Titan cognitive agents enhance applications, websites, devices, environments, and bots with the ability to learn, understand, and act on users' needs.

The agents offer a new approach to natural language processing, and all their functionality is accessible through a single API.

Why use a Titan cognitive agent?



A Titan cognitive agent brings AI within reach of everyone. With its holistic approach to simulating intelligent behavior and natural language ability, Titan provides a horizontal layer that unlocks a variety of new, intelligent  applications. All it takes is an API call to embed the ability to learn, understand, search, instruct, answer, simulate, and predict outcomes. Due to Titan’s natural language interface, developers and non-developers can apply the engine to business operations, strategic planning, and decision-making processes.


You can build effective and scalable natural language solutions from semantic search to conversational agents to insight discovery


knowledge Mining

Turn static documents into a dynamic source of knowledge to help enhance your decision-making.

Knowledge mining solutions, cognitive search, question answering systems.


Intelligent automation

Add your business logic for more contextualized and customized actions, and analyses.

Digital twins, business process automation, industrial automation, IOT.


Cognitive agents

Customize AI agents that understand human conversations and interact naturally.

Virtual assistants, chatbots, digital workers, cognitive agents, conversational AI.

Curvy Road

insight discovery

Perform advanced scenario planning and contingency management across all your automated services.

Recommendation engines, fraud detection, progression modeling.

What do Titan Cognitive Agents do?



Titan agents are software agents who use a set of integrated cognitive skills to extract information, encode meaning through logic and reasoning, communicate in natural language, and learn from interactions with users and other agents.

How do the Titan Cognitive agents work?

real-time fully Automated Process


You can quickly leverage Titan's integrated set of cognitive skills to turn unstructured textual data into a dynamic resource of knowledge

Natural language understanding

Titan cognitive agents use breakthrough, proprietary technology to extract facts —not patterns— from textual information and represent these facts in a knowledge graph.

You can interact with the agents in natural language to ask questions, give instructions, and extract responses, entities, relationships, and other contextually relevant information.

Real-time and continuous learning

Titan cognitive agents learn —and remember— in several ways.

1- Agents build real-time models from unstructured information they receive through the Titan API.
2-Agents continuously observe interactions and build new relationships in the graph.
3- Agents learn from probing and simulating different scenarios in the graph (metacognition).

Contextual reasoning

Titan cognitive agents use both logic and probability to reason about knowledge in their knowledge bases.
All of Titan's reasoning and consequent results are reproducible and explainable.

Agents maximally encode information they receive in the knowledge graph and use inference and memory to understand content in context.

Multi-agent system capability

Titan cognitive agents embody the AI. Each agent is responsible for its knowledge base and can collaborate with other agents to solve problems beyond its capacity.

Titan enables agent-to-agent interaction and broad scale, flexibility, responsiveness, maintainability, robustness, and computational efficiency through the distribution of work across several agents.


You can reduce the cost, complexity, and time-to-market required to develop modern solutions through a thin and non-intrusive add-on layer

Build with a unified and pre-integrated cognitive engine

We develop and integrate several cognitive skills into a single engine, so you don't have to worry about the complexity and risk of building AI-driven solutions.

Monetize your solutions through the Titan exchange

You can build, share, and monetize your solutions quickly to generate revenue. just a single API is all you need. 

Leverage multi-cloud, edge, and offline capability

You can customize your solutions and deploy them on the cloud, at the edge, or entirely offline to support low-latency/low-bandwidth applications and environments.

Ensure data governance and security by keeping control

You have complete control over your AI, data, privacy, and intellectual property. We offer a thin and non-intrusive layer through models that are data-independent.

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Titan API demo,

You have access to a cognitive agent with a pre-configured session timeout of 60 minutes. If you wish to continue testing after your session expires, you need to reload your web browser tab to access a new agent.

After your session expires or your browser is reset, we will automatically discard your previously loaded content.

Getting started with the Titan API Demo

Your agent does not have any information and does not know anything.

You can teach your agent by adding content (in the form of text) to its knowledge base.

Your agent will learn your content in real-time.

You can ask your agent questions regarding the content you provided.

  • If the answer is in the agent knowledge base, the agent will answer your question.
  • If the answer is not in the agent knowledge base, the agent will respond “I don’t know.”

The agent will continuously learn and answer more questions as you add content.

More Content –> Deeper Inference.


  • PoS:

Part-Of-Speech (PoS) tagger labels words as one of several categories to identify the word’s function in a given language.

  • Actions:

Titan Action System produces a table to identify the intents and actions in a given language.

  • Facts:

Titan Fact System produces a table to identify factual information in a given language.

  • Relations:

Titan graph Engine automatically constructs semantic representations from textual data sources.

  • Search:

Titan Cognitive Search Engine provides answers to inquiries about upload text. The questions should be in the form of: Who, What, When Where, and Why?

  • Instruct:

Titan Instruction System allows you to setup rules to govern and manage your Agent’s actions.

  • Insight:

Titan Insight System produces a report to identify knowledge either directly the provided text or inferred a combination of different content sources.